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100W Language Analysis - The Team

Feb 25, 2020 9:55:59 AM / by Carlotta Lang

Team 100w

To derive the personality of a person from speech in real time? Yes, it is possible! We, 100W language Analysis Company, have succeeded in doing so! Based on the latest socio-psychological research in combination with the powerful methods of AI, we have developed a language analysis software that reads between the lines.


We call it Psychological AI. Our software can recognize psychological personality traits of a person from his or her language/writings. Based on words that are used thousands of times a day, our tool gives insight into the personality, relationships, feelings, ways of thinking and needs of people.


Our goal and our story

The aim is to make unconscious communication between people. To achieve this, we use language analysis and findings from psychological studies. So far, we have used the unlimited possibilities of our language analysis in the areas of HR, marketing and sales and support.

Since the foundation of 100W, based in Heilbronn, Germany, in April 2017, we have come closer to our vision - to reliably understand people - in large steps. Our founders, Simon Tschürtz (picture: 1st row, second from left) and Daniel Spitzer (picture: 2nd row, fourth from left), have successfully participated in the program "Durchstarten 2016". Afterwards, they were able to convince the renowned SAP incubator innoWerft to cooperate with 100W Language Analysis Company.

After completing two rounds of financing, we then developed our Psychological AI into the most highly validated tool for measuring personality traits from texts. This has enabled us to bring our language analysis software up to the latest state of the art. Nevertheless, we work diligently and passionately every day to improve our Psychological AI. Today, this core is the basis of our actions. In addition, we are constantly developing our Psychological AI and our tools. Therefore they are now available in the same quality in other languages.


Our Psychological AI - The core of language analysis

Under Psychological AI the tools Talent, Customer and Brand are realized. We understand our tools as helpers of digitalization. Our innovative tools should also serve as support in daily work. Therefore we strive for absolute functionality, simplicity and transparency of our tools. Furthermore, all results presented are fully comprehensible and meet the highest scientific standards. We are willing to learn and solution-oriented. We guarantee our customers an efficient product experience. Thus our tools perfect the daily work of our customers. No matter whether it is the acquisition of new customers or the simple application of sales psychology. 

Our team consists of top experts from the fields of psychology, data science, computer linguistics and software development. Our team is constantly growing and therefore we can exploit the potential of language analysis more and more. Together we are already developing the solutions of the future today.


Language Analysis - Our Privacy Policy

  • Hosting and operation of our innovative tools in highly secure data centers in Germany
  • Consideration of highest safety standards
  • Contracts under German law


Language analysis, a sensitive topic - Our ethics guidelines

  1. The analysis is based on demanding scientific criteria. Furthermore, the results of this work are publicly available and we encourage public discourse on our topic.
  2. No non-public texts from third parties are analysed without their consent.
  3. The results of the analysis are fully understandable and easily illustrated for the recipient.
  4. The analysis contributes to a better understanding of the human being and the results are not used in a harmful way without reservation
  5. We do not pass on any data, but only use it internally to improve the quality and further development of the analysis.

The team - The members of 100W

100 Worte Team

1. First row from left to right:
Kevin Hendel (CTO), Simon Tschürtz (CEO and co-founder), Larissa Kaiser (CSO), Carlotta Lang (Internal Marketing), Tamara Czinczoll (Internal Data Scientist), Ashwini Anandmurthy (Internal Software Development)

2. Second row from left to right:
Vanessa Schach (Intern Data Scientist), Serhat Cetin (Assistant), Prabal Bansal (Intern Data Scientist), Daniel Spitzer (CPO and co-founder), Aswathy Velutharambath (Data Scientist), Lutz Büch (Data Scientist), Holger Ruch (Customer Support)


Here you can find more information:



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Written By Carlotta Lang

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