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Team Interview CEO and co-founder - Simon Tschürtz

Feb 25, 2020 9:59:36 AM / by Carlotta Lang

We kicked off our Team Interview series with the introduction of one of our co-founders and Head of Research and Development, Daniel Spitzer.



Now it’s time to introduce our other co-founder and CEO of 100W, Simon Tschürtz. Similar to Daniel, he has several versatile tasks at 100W and also has an interesting career.

What are his tasks as co-founder and CEO? 

What was his way to 100W and what do he like most about his tasks?

Simon answers these and much more in this team interview.


Simon Tschürtz, co-founder and managing director

1. What is your name, when is your birthday and what is your position at 100W?

"My name is Simon, I'm a co-founder and CEO of 100W. I was born a month before Daniel in the same year 1988. If you want to find out the month now, you have to read Daniel's interview 😉"


2. What was your job before you started 100W?

"I did different things in my life before 100W. First, I started working for Audi after my bachelor's degree in production engineering, where I was responsible for smaller projects and innovation topics. At the same time I did a Master's in Automotive Production. In the last two years at Audi, I did a second Master's in Data Science and Business Analytics. In addition, I became project manager for the production of car bodies in China. These were all very helpful steps that made my work here easier."


3. How did you come up with 100W?

"As a co-founder, it's kind of hard to answer this. Actually, 100W came to me earlier 😊 Daniel had sent me an email in 2016 that he had an idea for a company, so I listened to it without any obligation. Already during the conversation I found the idea extremely exciting, therefore, I immediately decided that we could actually build a company from the idea.


Simon's tasks as co-founder and CEO

4. What are your duties as a co-founder and managing director?

"My main task is to mediate between different "departments" or contact persons. To inform all stakeholders in the company about important things, but also to sustain motivation. I really enjoy the discussions in our team, because I see how great developments can arise from individual ideas that have a customer benefit. We have created a culture that promotes the ideas of the individual, but also challenges them by placing the responsibility for implementation in the hands of the individual. I firmly believe that this mindset allows us to constantly improve. And that is also my motivation. When we finally create something that generates added value for our customers and you are satisfied."


5. What do you like most about your tasks?

"To see something emerging and to get involved in it. Although I had this opportunity in the Group, the speed and focus on optimizing products for customer benefit as quickly as possible is incredibly fun. On the other hand, I naturally also like how the team develops when you work on a great vision."


6. What do you like the most about 100 words as a company?

"What I like the most is the infinite number of solutions that we can offer our customers as 100 words. Of course we are currently focused on 3 areas, but the playground is so big. I also find it impressive how fast things are implemented."


7. Which tips do you have for someone who wants to start up or work in a start-up?

"This is always a difficult question. From my point of view, they are two very different things. Reasons should simply be done when you are sure that you can be successful. And a good ability to reflect certainly doesn't hurt. To recognize what you can do, but above all what you can't do, is in my opinion essential for successful entrepreneurs. The tip for someone who wants to work in a start-up is actually the same. Just do it."


pablo (7)



"To recognize what you can do, but especially what you can't do, is in my opinion essential to be successful entrepreneurs."



8. What do you like to do in your free time?

"In my free time I do sports to clear my head. For example, cross-fitting or playing football. Apart from that spending time with my better half is very important for me. I also find a certain clarity and separation between private and business life very positive."


9. Do you have a life motto?

"There are different ways to achieve goals. Different isn't worse, just different."


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