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Team Interview Data Scientist - Aswathy Velutharambath

Feb 25, 2020 10:02:20 AM / by Carlotta Lang

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After we introduced our co-founders, Daniel and Simon, in our first team interviews, we get to know our Chief Sales Officer, Larissa. Now we would like to introduce another 100W member who is also part of the R&D department.

Aswathy is Data Scientist at 100W. Before we start the interview with your team, we would like to clarify what the tasks of a Data Scientist are.


What are the tasks of a Data Scientist?

The task of a Data Scientist is to systematically evaluate data and extract knowledge. This knowledge is used to support management in making strategic decisions. To perform the tasks of a data scientist, s/he needs knowledge in a wide range of areas such as information technology and mathematics.

What exactly are Aswathy's tasks as a Data Scientist at 100W, how she came to us, what she did 100 words ago and much 


more - she answers these questions in her team interview. Enjoy!

Aswathy Velutharambath, Comes from India. The picture bellow shows her home in India.


1. What is your name, when is your birthday and which position do you have at 100W?

“My name is Aswathy Velutharambath and I was born on the 10th of November in 1987. At 100 Worte, I work as Data Scientist-cum-Software Engineer in the R & D department.


2. What have you done before joining 100W as a Data Scientist?

“Before coming to Germany, I did my bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering and mostly worked as Software Tester for around 5 years, in India. Additionally, my experiences include working as a teacher and as a junior scientist in the field of Robotics, only for short periods of time. In 2015 I started my master in Computational Linguistics at the University of Stuttgart and during my studies I got the opportunity to do an internship with 100W and later join the company.”


3. How did you first hear about 100W and how did you join?

“I first heard about 100 Worte through a virtual job fair. Since my master thesis was in psycholinguistics, I was really curious about the work done by 100W. So, I expressed my interest to do an internship, joined initially as an intern and later got hired.”


Aswathy's Tasks as Data Scientis

4. What are your Tasks at 100W?

“As mentioned earlier, I work as a Data Scientist in the R&D department. At the R&D department, we work towards continuously improving our text analysis and also introducing new products. Broadly, my job is to research on different Natural Language Processing (NLP) approaches, tools, libraries etc. and implement them to facilitate better product performance. Also, to identify the problem areas in our products and present innovative solutions to tackle them


5. What do you like the most about your Tasks at 100W?

“Most of the tasks assigned to me are really interesting for me personally. Also, you have complete autonomy on how to handle your task. I really appreciate and enjoy the freedom that is allowed in my work. In my opinion, when you are given that freedom, you tend to put in the best effort.”


6. What do you like the most about 100 Worte as a company?

“The team, a bunch of like-minded individuals working towards a common goal, that is what I like most about the company. The work atmosphere here is very positive and encouraging.”





7. Do you have any tips for someone who considers joining a start-up?

“This is the second start-up that I am working with. In my opinion, working in small companies comes with its challenges and benefits. Not all processes are in place and well defined like in a corporate setting. The company will be continuously growing and improving, so you have to be adaptable and flexible. My tip would be, if given an opportunity to join a start-up, take it. You will learn a lot and it is lot more fun than big companies.”


8. What do you like to do in your spare time?

“A consistent hobby of mine would be reading, mostly literary fiction. I also like to do handicrafts, so I am always making something. My handicraft hobbies are more like seasons, they change very frequently – last year I was obsessed with polymer clay and this year with macrame.”












9. Do you have a life motto you live by?

“I don’t really have one, but „stay positive“ is a motto that has always guided me.”


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