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Team Interview Co founder & Research and Development - Daniel Spitzer

Feb 25, 2020 9:57:23 AM / by Carlotta Lang

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We are starting our team interview series with the introduction of one of the 100 words co-founder, Daniel Spitzer. Daniel is not only co-founder and studied psychology as well as trained psychotherapist. He is also the head of research and development at 100W.

What are his tasks in the research and development of 100W? What was his way to 100W and what do he like the most about his tasks in research and development? Daniel answers that and much more in this team interview.


Daniel Spitzer, co-founder and head of research and development


1. What is your name, when is your birthday and what is your position at 100 words?

"My name is Daniel Spitzer. I was born November 24, 1988, and I'm one of the founders of 100 Words and head of research and development."


2. What was your job before you started 100W in R&D?

"Right after school, I did my community service at a hospital in Heidelberg. This was followed by my studies of psychology at the University of Heidelberg (Bachelor) and Mannheim (Master). Afterwards I started training as a psychotherapist and worked in a clinic for psychosomatic medicine."


3. How did you become head of research and development at 100W?

"During my studies I heard about the possibility of deriving personality from language. This fascinated me so much that I spent two years developing it and building an app before I went public with it in 2016 and took part in a founders' competition. After that, things happened quite quickly: Simon, my co-founder, joined the team and an investor gave us the opportunity to work 100% for 100W."


Daniel's tasks and responsibilities

4. What are your responsibilities as head of research and development?

"Main task is the improvement and further development of the 100W text analysis. There are many different things to do to achieve this. Among these are the development of mostly statistical methods that help me to assess and evaluate words, decide how best to present results and make our findings public."


5. What do you like the most about your tasks in research and development?

"When many small things that take a long time to work on turn into something bigger, which then works even better than ever before."


6. What do you like the most about 100W as a company?

"What I like the best is that it's a young company with a small team of experts and that you can quickly try out new ideas quite efficiently and implement them if necessary. It's faster than how it is in a larger company."


7. What tips do you have for someone who wants to start a start-up or work in a start-up?

Danial Blog Interview 2"Pursue a good idea, the right people and be persistent."


8. What do you like to do in your free time?

"I love to be out in the fresh air and then I like to ride my bike."


9. Do you have a motto for life?

"Nothing is forever, especially the beautiful things."


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Written By Carlotta Lang

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