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B2B Content Marketing Revolution - Brandsync Powered by 100W

Apr 7, 2020 12:15:54 PM / by Carlotta Lang

According to a study from 2018 on B2B content marketing, all of the content formats examined have clearly gained in relevance compared to 2017. Case studies on their own website are used by 32% of the companies, 19% use e-books. While around 22% of companies offer webinars, just under 34% - like us - maintain a blog


So it shows that content marketing is not a temporary trend.

Especially for B2B companies, good B2B content marketing is extremely vital, because every content they offer online represents the first contact with the customer. And thus also their first impression and perception of the company.

This makes it all the more important in B2B content marketing to present itself as a company within its content, synchronized with its values. The content must embody what the company or its brand stands for and how it is. However, the customer must also perceive this correctly, which is why checking this perception is extremely important for companies that do B2B content marketing.

We now have an innovative and unique solution for this - the brandsync management suite powered by 100W.


Brandsync-Management-Suite powered by 100W Improve B2B content marketing with AI

"Our goal is not only to expand our analytical competence with the services of 100W, but also to become an even more important partner for our customers in content transfer. This mission defines our current development work and sales preparations."

                                                                                    - brandsync AG, part of the trio group

Today, brandsync AG (part of trio-group communication & marketing ) and we, 100W Speech Analysis Ltd. (100 Worte Sprachanalyse GmbH), start our promising and forward-looking cooperation. Together, we have developed and implemented the leading management suite, which is based on the most modern and up-to-date technology combined with the highest standards of science.

Coupled with sound scientific know-how and a distinct knowledge of methods, a unique cooperation has been created! A cooperation that will successfully advance your company and its B2B content marketing!

With the help of the jointly developed brandsync management suite powered by 100W you can now gain insight into the emotions of your target group when they perceive your content.

At the beginning it is necessary to analyze and characterize the complex motivational structure of your target group using existing data, e.g. social media data. Our advanced tool helps enormously here! Then it is crucial to find out whether your content conveys the motives and emotions that correspond to those of your target group. So are brand communication (content) and brand perception synchronized?

Or does the customer perceive your brand differently? If you are in possession of this knowledge, you can succeed in controlling your (brand) communication with appropriate measures. To make this easier for you, you should definitely use the innovative brandsync management suite!


100 words Psychological AI - The heart of the brandsync management suite

In order to ensure that (brand) messages are consistent between the company and the target group and that they are properly coordinated, it is important to use the potential of psychology and language. Because our language and the words we use every day express our personality. We have succeeded in capturing the personality of a person from his or her texts on the basis of the latest socio-psychological research and specially developed software.

Our innovative Psychological AI identifies mood, motives and personality traits and delivers reliable results. It is the heart of the brandsync management suite and helps to match the messages companies want to convey with the target group personality.


B2B Content Marketing 2.0 - What our tool can do

With the brandsync management suite and our 100W of Psychological AI, we combine state-of-the-art technology with scientifically sound psychological knowledge. This makes targeted B2B content marketing even easier!

Our Tool can do the following:

  • Brandsync 100 words brand monitor

How do you know how your brand perception is? It's simple! What is communicated about you and how it is communicated shows you what and how people - potential customers - think and feel about your brands.

brandsync powered by 100W decodes these words to provide insight into the subconscious of your customers. It shows you who is talking about you (target group) and what role your brand plays for them (brand profile analysis).


  • Brandsync 100 words content check

Not only are you spoken about and communicated about, but you also communicate.

But are your contents synchronized with your brand and marketing strategy? An analysis by brandsync powered by 100 words provides you with the necessary support, so that you can make your content even more efficient and effective! Another advantage for you!


  • Brandsync 100 words content manager

(B2B) Content marketing is on everyone's lips and we find that it is not just a temporary trend. But mostly your content is not only created by one, but rather by a multitude of responsible employees within your company. There is a great danger that different formulations are used and that the "red thread" is not always visible to your customers.

However, synchronously implemented brand communication is fundamental for success. We have an innovative but easy to use solution for this as well! With the help of our Content Manager plug-in, employees are supported in correctly implementing your content in accordance with the brand and target group. And that in real time!


b2b-content-marketingBrandsync AG-Branding Network - Our top partner for best B2B content marketing

The brandsync AG, based in Mannheim, is part of the trio group. They are committed to the success of B2B brands with passion and heart and soul. In doing so, they want to profitably increase and secure both efficiency and visibility on the web.

Brandsync helps their clients to establish and strengthen their brand from the very beginning. brandsync supports its clients from the very beginning of the idea, through the development of the strategy, to the implementation and integration of tailor-made, individual solutions.


Brandsync and 100 words - A special kind of cooperation

The latest findings from the neuro and cognitive sciences combined with over 20 years of marketing experience and our strong power of expert knowledge in AI and psychology. This makes our cooperation with brandsync exceptional and one of the most advanced in our industry.

Our psychological AI, the 100 words Psychological AI, contains the knowledge of:

  • Over 56,000 words
  • Over 52 dictionaries
  • More than 20 studiesBrandsync blog diagram-1
  • and more than 34 participating scientists.


The unique cooperation between brandsync and 100W has created a cooperation like no other. We are delighted about this stimulating and thoroughly positive cooperation. We would like to thank the trio group and brandsync AG for the trustful cooperation, this unique opportunity and their trust in us!


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Written By Carlotta Lang

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