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Customer Management - 2 Methods To Reach Success

Feb 25, 2020 10:08:42 AM / by Carlotta Lang

"The customer is king!" - We all know that saying, don't we? It means that you should fulfill customers' every wish. Even the one your customer doesn't even know himself.

Good customer management can help here. But it also includes knowing customer requirements. These must be met, and preferably exceeded. This gives you an optimal basis for achieving maximum customer satisfaction. This satisfaction brings with it customer loyalty. It also results in a good image, positive recommendations and thus long-term business success. And this is decisive for every company!

But what exactly is customer management? Why are customer requirements important? How can they be identified and fulfilled? And how can our innovative Customer Intelligence help your customer management enormously to increase customer satisfaction?

This is what we want to clarify in our article.


Customer management - short definition and it’s goal

Customer management refers to the management of all direct contacts with the customer. In customer management, the interaction with the customer is the main focus. The goal of customer management is to orient the company towards the customer.

The difference here lies in the measurability, because wishes are usually undefined and vague. Above all, however, they are individual and influenced by emotions, which is why it is imperative to reformulate them into objective requirements. The focus here is on verifiability and feasibility, as well as validity for the entire target group. It makes sense to collect all customer requirements in a well structured catalogue.


Customer management - customer requirements as a basis

Customer requirements are clear demands on products or services. They are derived from the expectations of the customer or target group. They must be distinguished from customer requirements.

The difference here is measurability, because wishes are usually undefined and vague. Above all, however, they are individual and influenced by emotions, which is why they must be reformulated into objective requirements. Customer requirements are an important part of your customer management. Because they give your customer management a basis to put the customer in the foreground. Only in this way can you effectively achieve the goal of customer management - to orient your company towards the customer.


Determine customer requirements for customer management – How the model helps

In order to be able to successfully determine customer requirements for your customer management, you must have detailed knowledge about your target group. To ensure this, you can make use of market research instruments. These include surveys, analyses of (existing) customer data or social media data. In most cases, you have already sufficiently defined your target group within the scope of your market analysis. We have already explained in detail how to carry out a market analysis successfully in one of our other blog posts.

However, because customer requirements are complex and have different level of importance, they are often subdivided. There are several helpful methods that are often used for this purpose. In the following we will go into more detail about the methods we find very useful.


Prioritize customer requirements - Helpful methods

1. The Moscow Method

With the help of this useful and practical method, not only can customer requirements be better determined and optimally prioritized. Above all, its principle is transferable to any kind of requirements, goals or tasks. MoSCoW is an acronym and stands for Must Should Could Won't.



These requirements are crucial for success and are not negotiable. If these requirements are not met, the entire construct will wobble. For us, the DSGVO compatibility of our software or even our scientific work coupled with the validity of our solutions would fall into this category.



Here you list all points that concern requirements with high relevance. These should be fulfilled as a company within a product or service. If a product or service does not meet these points, success is still possible, but is associated with some difficulties. The applicability of our solutions in all common browsers, for example, is listed for us under this category.



The optional requirements are desirable, but do not represent a direct success factor. They can therefore be neglected when resources are scarce. However, they form a kind of "nice to have" that takes the product to a new level. Until recently, this category included the saving of written texts in our Augmented Writing Tools. In our latest update we have implemented this optional requirement.


Would (Or Wouldn't)

This category helps and supports the more precise delimitation of the requirements. Everything that falls into this category should not be implemented as a company.


2. Kano model

Although the Kano model is increasingly used to measure customer satisfaction, it can also be used to successfully meet customer requirements. After all, customer satisfaction results from the successful fulfilment of customer requirements. Which should also be part of your successful customer management.


Basic features

These are characteristics that we take for granted in our position as a customer. We therefore implicitly assume them. Therefore, we only become aware of them when they are not fulfilled. They must therefore be present in order to meet customer requirements and thus successfully create customer satisfaction. A basic feature of our tools is the easy insertion of text or the applicability of our tools in all widely used browsers.


Performance features

They can either eliminate or cause the (dis)satisfaction of customers. Therefore, it is essential that companies implement them. Faster loading times, clarity and comprehensibility of the analysis results - these are just some of the many highly relevant performance features of our products.


Enthusiastic features

"That little something extra" or "nice to have". These characteristics increase and promote customer satisfaction considerably in terms of fulfilment, because customers did not really expect them. In our case, this includes, for example, alphabetical sorting of profiles or the simple saving of texts written in our Augmented Writers.


Inconsiderable features

These characteristics can be considered irrelevant and can therefore be neglected as they do not represent a customer requirement.


Rejection characteristics

Hands off these customer requirements! Not only do they create dissatisfaction, they also encourage it. Therefore they should be excluded in any case. They do not advance the product and thus the company in its development and reputation.


Determine, prioritize and fulfill customer requirements effectively and efficiently - our compact checklist for customer communication

  1. Define target group and customers as precisely as possible (market analysis blog post)
  2. Analysis of customer requirements using market research instruments
  3. Precise prioritization of customer requirements with the help of useful methods or models (MoSCoW / Kano)
  4. Absolutely check for legal requirements
  5. Mandatory implementation of customer requirements in products
  6. Regular checking and, if necessary, modification of customer requirements


Our 100W for Customer to carry out successful customer management

Our innovative 100W for Customer helps customer support staff to correctly assess their customers. It helps Customer Support to impress customers with tailored, individualized and customer-oriented communication.

Thanks to our Psychological AI, our tool recognizes the emotions, the type of customer and therefore the various requirements (e.g. within an inquiry via e-mail) after only a few words from the customer. Our revolutionary Psychological AI actively gives customer support staff helpful and supportive recommendations for action in real time.

In the process, our innovative AI submits customer-specific and individual alternatives for formulations to Customer Support. In this way, Customer Support fulfills customer requests even more individually and their requirements can be more than fulfilled.

Together with our 100W for Customer, combined with the power of our unique Psychological AI, you will take your customer service to a new level. Customers love to be addressed individually. And that's what you as a company should pay attention to - our 100W for Customer supports individual and customer-oriented communication and thus promotes customer satisfaction. As a result, customer loyalty increases and in the long run this ensures the success of your company. So optimize your customer management with our 100W for Customer! Put your customers back in the centre of your business!


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