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Neuromarketing Revolutionizes Your Marketing - 3 Reasons

Feb 25, 2020 10:09:34 AM / by Carlotta Lang

One thing is for sure - without marketing there is no business success. You may have the best product, but what good is it if nobody knows or notices it? Surely you know the classic definition of marketing. It defines marketing as the target-oriented and target-group-oriented alignment of your company activities. These must be aligned with market and target group needs.

The classic advertising and offering of your products and services alone is no longer sufficient in today's fast-moving world. Marketing needs a revolution and has found it in neuromarketing. With it you create a brand experience never seen before.

In this article, you will find out what stands behind neuromarketing, why you should use it to your advantage and how our products can support you in neuromarketing.


The origin of neuromarketing - Coca-Cola VS. Pepsi

It is the year 2002, and two brain researchers are experimenting with the different preferences of people who prefer either Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Their findings spread like wildfire - neuromarketing was born. To read about the birth of neuromarketing click here. http://eugrafal.free.fr/McClu-et-al-2004.pdf

The researchers found that the two drinks activate different areas of the brain in the consumer. While drinking Coca-Cola not only activates the hippocampus (responsible for memories) but also the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (responsible for emotions), Pepsi does not succeed. Consumer protectors were horrified and saw dangers for the consumer. The marketing industry, however, was enthusiastic and rightly saw the opportunities of the findings.


Neuromarketing - This is what is behind the buzzword

Neuromarketing combines the findings of brain research and psychology. In combination, these are then used for the targeted improvement of marketing. The neuromarketing expert Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel explains this area of marketing as follows:

"In very pragmatic terms, neuromarketing deals with how choices and purchase decisions are made in the human brain and, very importantly for advertising, how it can be influenced. So what we are looking for is the magic "Buy Button". - Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel, neuromarketing expert.”

Basically, neuromarketing allows you to look inside your customers. It gives you an understanding of purchasing decisions with the aim of developing particularly efficient advertising measures. Thanks to the methods of neuromarketing you can better understand.

  • why do customers buy,
  • what types of buyers are there and
  • how your marketing can use this knowledge to take advantages

Purchase decisions are emotional decisions

Even though each of us weighs the pros and cons before making a purchase, every purchase decision is essentially influenced by our emotions. Why not take advantage of this insight as a company and improve your marketing and advertising to increase your sales? The following aspects can be used and should be considered.


The interesting aspects for neuromarketing

The main role in neuromarketing is played by the brain of your customers and what happens in it. Questions that are relevant for your marketing and help to optimize your advertising are examined by neuromarketing. These include the well-known 4 P's of marketing - Product, Price, Place, Promotion.

Thereby different levels of interest are distinguished:

  • Multisensory processing: Smells, sounds and, for example, the feel of a product or its packaging.
  • Emotional-cognitive processing: Ads and videos played on different channels.
  • Neurolinguistics: Everything about the processing of language.
  • Neuroscientific personality research: dealing with the differences between people and their preferences for products and brands, by classifying them into different customer types.

Why a look into the brain of your customers is enormously rewarding?

"Brain research shows us that the conscious and rational customer is an illusion. Firstly, purchasing decisions are made largely unconsciously and secondly, they are always emotional," says Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel.

These characteristics should be taken into account in product and packaging development, as well as in the communication strategy, in order to offer customers an optimal experience. Various methods are used for application and analysis.


Methods of analysis and application

Whether MRI, EEG, plus-frequency measurement or even the measurement of consumer sweat gland activity - research in the field of neuromarketing has improved, refined and expanded over the years. This has been accompanied by further findings. By using different methods, researchers can analyse in ever greater detail which processes in the brain trigger which actions. These findings can be used, for example, to the advantage of your company in the online sector for website design, navigation and even content.


3 reasons for the use of neuromarketing


Reason 1: The power of the mirror neurons

Do you know this - you yawn to her and immediately you have to yawn too? Your mirror neurons have their say. I'm sure you also know that we adapt our familiar language to our friends.

When we like people, we unconsciously express this by mirroring them. You can use this effect if you analyse the language of your target group and design your own communication accordingly for different target groups. In this way you can increase the loyalty of potential customers and increase the probability of a qualified lead.


Reason 2: Emotions bind customers to your company

The study on Coca-Cola has clearly shown that brands are able to trigger unconscious emotions in people. An emotional and empathetic approach is especially helpful in customer loyalty. This allows you to address the needs of customers in a targeted manner through targeted labelling, i.e. the classification of customers. If, for example, the customer is a "person in need of harmony", you should emotionally charge the product features which, for example, express partnership. With status-oriented people, on the other hand, it is more important to convey uniqueness.


Reason 3: Purchase decisions are made subconsciously

Of course, especially with expensive products and services (e.g. car) we are more concerned than with products for daily use (e.g. shower gel). Nevertheless, all purchase decisions are mainly made in our subconscious and are influenced by our emotions. This makes it all the more important to understand the emotional needs of customers and their buying motives. For example, does a customer decide to buy a fitness tracker because it gives him this security in his health care or because it allows him to optimize his training and achieve something?

By gaining insight into the unconscious of your customers and target groups, you can guide their purchasing decisions in a targeted manner. A well-planned advertising campaign and also advertising texts that are formulated specifically for the target group will help here.


100W for Brands and Customer - Our solutions for your first step towards neuromarketing

Our innovative tools support you in the target group-specific and individualized formulation of advertising texts, website texts, product descriptions, customer letters and much more! Thanks to our intelligent core of our tools - our Psychological AI - our 100W for Brands as well as our 100W for Customer analyse psychological personality traits from the language of your customers and target groups. You can easily create customer types and define your target groups even more precisely.

Our tools also analyze written texts. Our software supports you in adapting your texts to the language of your customers and target groups. You store the characteristics of your target group as a target profile and our augmented writers then compare the extent to which your texts match the language of your target group.

Our 100W for Brands optimizes your marketing and brand communication. Our 100W for Customer ensures an individual and unique customer communication. But together our tools are even stronger. By combining them, you use the concentrated power of psychology and enable a consistent and coherent corporate communication.


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