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Employee Recruitment and selection: How to Find Suitable Applicants!

Feb 25, 2020 10:07:18 AM / by Carlotta Lang

Finding the best, but above all the most suitable applicants is one of the most important skills for companies. It is therefore important to master this skill. After all, talented and motivated employees are an important factor to gain success. They are the heart of a well-functioning and growing company.

But finding suitable, qualified applicants is becoming increasingly difficult in view of the war for talent. But it is not only because of the lack of skilled workers that finding applicants is becoming a massive Above all, it is probably the employers themselves who are contributing significantly to this development. According to a study by Personio and Bitkom, it is apparently often the companies themselves who put unnecessary obstacles in their way when they try to find applicants.

How your company can easily find suitable applicants - our blog post provides information on this.


Finding applicants - First steps in the searching

Finding applicants, i.e. the search for applicants, is part of personnel planning. The aim is to find suitable candidates for a vacant position and to recruit the best candidate. However, before you start the active search, the following points must be fulfilled:

bewerber finden

  • A profile of the vacant position must be created
  • Tasks, expectations and goals must be clearly defined
  • The budget must be determined

Only when you have clarified these aspects can you formulate the bid invitation. This is when the search for applicants begins. Evaluation and analysis of the candidates, as well as interviews or possible tests, take place afterwards.

Many companies can be glad to receive suitable applications in these times of shortage of skilled workers. It is becoming increasingly common for applications to be available, but not in the right quality.

In order to make it easier for you to find applicants, it is helpful to modernise your way of searching for applicants. The classic work of the HR department, the notice board or headhunting are no longer sufficient in today's digital age.


Finding applicants in the digital age - breaking new ground

Digitisation has not only changed production, logistics and distribution. The digital revolution has also long since arrived in human resources. Now it is time for you to take action. Above all, new ways must be found to find suitable applicants. In the following we will name a few:


Active Sourcing

In the times before the shortage of skilled workers, recruiters could wait calmly for applications. There were always enough coming in. But waiting is no longer enough in this day and age. That is why many use the active sourcing approach. This refers to the active search for applicants by HR departments. This can be done online, e.g. via social media, or offline via job fairs, for example.


Resume Databases

LinkedIn and Xing are probably the most popular websites, which contain a wealth of CVs from potential future employees. Although they are also social media, they should be actively used by recruiters. Many an interesting candidate can be found here.


Social Recruiting

Social media dominates the digital age. So why not search for applicants on Facebook, Twitter & Co. But your own company profile can also help to find applicants. Here, quality and corporate design are the be-all and end-all!


Internships, Student Research Projects and dissertations, Bachelor and Master Thesis

Internships as well as various jobs are also available to you as a company in the interest of employee retention. But especially when it comes to finding suitable applicants, you should offer internships for students or opportunities for bachelor or master theses. Working student positions are also excellent! In this way, you and the entire company experience the candidate already in the everyday life of the company. Both sides get to know each other better, which helps to have more suitable employees in the future. We also offer internships & Co.


Career Pages

It's a bit old-school, but proven - the career page on the company's homepage. Vacancies should always be clearly visible on your own corporate homepage. We also have a career page for employer attractiveness!


Many roads lead to Rome - Finding further measures for the applicant

With the help of the above-mentioned (but also other) measures, the search for applicants should be easier for you. However, there are two points that form a relevant basis before these measures:


Employer Branding - The corporate culture

Your corporate culture should be communicated transparently and openly. Only in this way can you offer your future applicants the chance to find out whether they identify with your company. An identification of the applicant, who later becomes an employee, is a kind of basis for successful cooperation. A synchronous and coherent external communication is important for the open communication of your company brand.

This is where our innovative 100W for Brands helps. Use our tool to find out what emotions and values your content is sending out. Match your content and its language with the support of our powerful Psychological AI. Create synchronous content that correctly reflects your corporate brand and hits potential candidates right in the heart.


The job posting - The heart of finding candidates

Without a job advertisement, it is difficult for applicants to draw attention to themselves and the vacant position. A Forsa survey commissioned by Xing E-Recruiting shows that companies need more time to find suitable employees. According to Philipp Löwe (labour market expert at StepStone) many companies miss the chance to position themselves as attractive employers. An insufficient job advertisement, which resembles more a list of tasks and requirements, is to be called as cause.

At 100 Words, we at StepStone have recognized how important a consciously formulated job advertisement is in order to find suitable applicants. It is important to address the implicit motives of the candidates. And this is achieved through the language, through the words that are used. For this reason we have developed our study-based, AI-based 100W for Talents. With your help, job advertisements can be optimised with just a few clicks.


How to select the best candidate

Bewerber finden Schritte

As already explained at the beginning, the profile of the vacant position is at the beginning of every applicant search. This target profile contains all the hard and soft skills that the applicant should have. It therefore forms the basis on which you select your applicants. You can divide the applicant selection into two steps.

In the first step, you make a preselection from all the applications received. You must check whether the application meets the formal criteria and which other essential and optional requirements the applicant must meet.

In the second step, you categorize the individual applicants from "desired candidate" to "not suitable". To make the final selection easier for you, you can use assessment centres, job interviews or other tests.

Or you can use our Competence Monitor. You do not need any new data to use it. It also ensures an objective, transparent and comparable selection process of applicants.


Found several suitable applicants? This is how the selection is successful!

We have developed the Competence Monitor so that the selection of applicants is not only easier, but also objective, transparent and comparable.

Using our Psychological AI as a basis, our Competence Monitor can analyse psychological characteristics from language. For example, you can use it to automatically analyse the motivation letters of applicants. You can also use our tool to analyse texts written by applicants during a personal interview.

Simply load the application documents into our Competence Monitor. Our unique software analyses the data in the shortest possible time and makes it possible to compare all applicants with the target profile of the job advertisement.


Checklist to find the right candidate

  • Create target profile for the vacant position
  • Clearly define tasks, expectations and goals
  • Set budget
  • Formulate job advertisement
  • Place a job ad (don't forget social media!)
  • Active Search (Active Sourcing, Social Recruiting, Reverse Recruiting, etc.)
  • Offer internships, working student positions or other work
  • Preselect applicants (formalities, mandatory and optional requirements)
  • Make final selection (categorization and interviews etc.)


A new method for finding the best candidates - our online survey

As part of our October update for our Augmented Writer Tools, our 100W forTalents has been enhanced with new functions for finding suitable applicants! Thus, with the current functions of our 100W for Talents, the following features are now available to you:

  • The creation and definition of a personality profile (implicit motives) for your desired applicants.
  • The derived use of the "right language" for your job advertisement.
  • The SEO optimization of your job ad titles.
  • Our new tool to send an online survey with confirmed validity to your applicants and to evaluate it on explicit and implicit motives.

You can compare your candidates with our online survey for your desired characteristics. The combination of implicit and explicit motives, unlike other test procedures (Big5, DISC and Co.), captures job-related characteristics that we unconsciously control and are not so easily manipulated.

Ultimately, this also reduces the amount of time spent searching for "suitable" applicants for your company. All this in one tool!


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