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Employer Attractiveness - Attract Qualified Candidates

Feb 25, 2020 10:15:36 AM / by Stefanie Schweizer

Finding loyal and high-performing employees can sometimes be a real challenge. Ideally, you don't have to search, but are actively found by the high talents in your industry.

With honest involvement and a reliable strategy, you can easily build a positive image as an employer. Find out what innovative ideas are needed and how you can manage to increase your appeal as an employer in the following article.


The idea behind employer attractiveness

There is usually more behind the term employer attractiveness or recruitment than the mere desire to work for a company. Rather, the term also describes a dynamic on the part of the applicants. Thus, for qualified professionals, your reputation as a unique employer gives rise to an emotional desire to work on your innovative projects and to commit themselves to your company.

The more positive your reputation as an employer is, the more applicants are interested in your innovative solutions. Of course, there is also the possibility to carry out internal measures to motivate employees already employed and thus remain just as appealing as the company itself. However, strictly speaking, this involves monitoring employee loyalty. While it is also important to create an honest and respectful working environment, there are other ways to increase your popularity as an employer.

Maximum employer attractiveness is therefore achieved when your company is considered an "employer of choice" by what you consider to be perfect applicants. To what extent and according to which criteria a position with a certain employer is considered desirable, naturally varies from person to person to a certain extent.


Success through employer attractiveness

There are three very important reasons in particular why you should align your management and your strategy with even greater employer attractiveness. One of them is, of course, the lack of skilled workers. Nearly all industries therefore have difficulties in finding qualified young people. In addition, the particularly talented applicants are heavily courted in this process - this is also known as the "war for talent". As a company, you must show future employees that you understand them. Therefore, it is important to support applicants with company-owned offers to develop personal and professional perspectives and opportunities in your company. This creates employee motivation.

Quote: "Three out of four candidates place higher demands on the company than before" (Study "Employer Branding 2019, University of Bamberg)

Another advantage of being in demand as an employer: Applicants who choose a company because it is an attractive employer have greater motivation and loyalty to the team and their superiors. Employees who have actively chosen a company and its image are less likely to leave. As a sought-after employer, you therefore prevent fluctuation in your company. In this way, you create long-term structures that guarantee work flow and optimal teamwork. This commitment gives you, but also your employees, security.


Successfully shaping employer attractiveness

Which factors lead to success so that a company is reliably interesting from the perspective of applicants? Studies and surveys provide partial results for this complex question. One such survey, for example, is the quantitative analysis of the survey of students, graduates and young professionals published in 2018 under the title "Attractive Employers", published annually by the portal Berufsstart.de. It provides a better insight into the demands of young applicants in particular.

According to the study, further training, promotion opportunities and adequate remuneration are among the positive characteristics of an employer. In the same way, INNOFAC AG also carried out a representative study on behalf of Targobank 2019, even nationwide. In addition to students and trainees, employees in an employment relationship were also asked in which aspects an employer must support them in order to win them as employees. Salary ranked first with 67 percent, followed by job security (50 percent). Among other things, the respondents rated appreciation and respect (60 percent) and a collegial working environment (58 percent) as important for a pleasant working atmosphere.

Other factors that can increase employer attractiveness:

  • Trust, for example in the form of flexible working hours
  • commitment to work-life balance
  • Possibility for home office
  • Support for health-promoting measures
  • Responsibility with regard to occupational pension schemes
  • Goals and also successes of the employer
  • Help for good compatibility of family and work

How to improve your attractiveness as an employer

Of course, you can use various possibilities to increase your attractiveness as an employer. However, the following two areas in particular will help you to analyze your strategies for a reputation as a top employer and to achieve your goal.


Convincing self-marketing

Marketing is basically about honestly convincing customers of your product or service. In doing so, classic marketing strategies are innovatively transferred to the personnel area - of course, in a very generalized way. This means that you treat future applicants as if they were customers. The emotional needs and wishes of the future employees are the main focus of attention. This is how you succeed in successfully recruiting qualified junior staff.


The perfect employer branding

If you say personnel marketing, you should better say employer branding. This is the only way to draw the attention of suitable and highly qualified specialists to your company. And to achieve this goal, however, you need a holistic development of the company to become a popular employer. In short, employer branding is a creative strategy with the purpose of building up and expanding your positive reputation as an employer. You intensively form an image, so to speak, which contains certain advantages for employees and thus promotes increased interest in your work on the part of applicants.

Read more about Employer Branding.

Link to the Employer Branding Homepage: https://www.100worte.de/100w-employer-branding


Language promotes the attractiveness of the employer

Whether it's creative social media campaigns, blog posts or articles in relevant industry media: Regardless of which strategy you ultimately decide on in order to expand the work in your company as a brand and thus become visible as an attractive employer - you definitely need honest and innovative content. Because, above all, you need to communicate the benefits of your company to the outside world in a reliable manner.

The decision as to which exact words you use for this communication also plays an important role. If you plan ahead, you can reach applicants not only in terms of content, but also in terms of language - and convince them that you are a good and reliable employer. Because, as various psychological tests have shown, a certain form of imitation sometimes increases sympathy. For example, if a person imitates our gestures, we simply develop a stronger bond with that person.

Such psychological results can easily be applied to speech - and 100 words will be happy to help you. Our Psychological AI language analysis supports your work and offers you the innovative possibility to address exactly the professionals you are looking for for your company, for example, through discreetly optimized job advertisements. At the same time, with the help of our 100 Words for Brands, you start developing your employer brand and thus take responsibility for the success and quality of your personnel.


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