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Recruitment Tips: Personnel selection procedures - overview and successful optimization

Feb 25, 2020 10:13:28 AM / by Cankat Demirkol

Your employees are the foundation of your company and on them your success and failure depends in the long run. Therefore, it is important to make sure that future employees fit into your company while selecting them. If you hire the wrong applicant for a job, it costs your company valuable time, money and effort. To prevent this, a good personnel selection process is essential.

In this article we will give you an overview of the classic procedure of a personnel selection procedure. Afterwards, we will introduce you to various personnel selection procedures and show you finally how our solutions support you in the successful selection of personnel.


Personnel selection procedures - definition and classic process

A personnel selection procedure is the process of finding the candidate who best fits the job from all the applicants who have applied for your advertised position. In the classic case, this involves several steps to successfully select the right applicant for a job. The "classic" procedure therefore comprises the following steps:


  1. Creation of a detailed job profile

A sophisticated requirement profile for your job defines which qualifications or skills the new employee should have. To do this, you should analyse exactly the tasks and responsibilities for your advertised position.


  1. Formulation of a job advertisement

After clarifying which qualifications and competences the suitable applicants should have for your job, you can concentrate on formulating the job advertisement. It is important that you make it transparent which qualifications and competences future applicants must have for your job. On our recruiting page you can have your job advertisement analysed. 


  1. Evaluation of the applications

After the publication of your job advertisement, it is a matter of evaluating the applications received. To do this, you can compare them with your previously created requirements profile and filter out the most suitable applications.


  1. Selection of the most suitable applicants

Finally, you decide with which of the applicants you will fill your vacant position.


Overview of different personnel selection procedures

After describing the procedure of a classic personnel selection procedure, this section gives you a brief overview of the various procedures. In the following, we will concentrate on three personnel selection procedures.

By combining the terms recruiting and entertainment, an innovative personnel selection procedure in the form of recruitment was created. Here, candidates have the opportunity in a playful and entertaining way to learn more about the company, either offline in events or online in simulations, and to find out whether they fit the company and the company fits them.

Besides free interviews in which you define the questions yourself, a structural interview is a practical personnel selection procedure. The interview follows a structured plan. All candidates answer the same questions in identical order. This allows you to ensure comparability and fairness during your selection process.

The so-called "inbox exercise" is carried out at the Assessment Center. Candidates are given complex tasks which they have to complete under time pressure. They should approach the tasks in a concentrated and logical manner and make decisions quickly. Here it quickly becomes clear how potential candidates deal with tasks and set priorities in stressful situations.


The successful optimization of your personnel selection process

Through our Psychological AI, you can for the first time economically consider implicit motives (basic needs) in the recruitment process. These guide us humans and cause us to think in certain directions. Next to intelligence, motives are the most important predictor for professional success.

Our 100W for Talents supports you in using the appropriate motives already in the job advertisement and to consider them in the selection process. This makes the search for applicants much easier. 

Motives provide you with information about what motivates your applicants and what they attach particular importance to in a new position. By analysing the motives, your defined requirement profiles and job advertisements can be optimally optimised to their requirements, in order to finally "address" the best applicants.

After you have optimised your advertisements, the next step is to get a decision support for a better personnel selection. Here we recommend replacing the classic letter of motivation with an automated implicit and explicit motivational test.

This provides information about what the main drivers for the respective competencies are. With this knowledge, you can better assess the applicants at an early stage and deal with those whose motives best match you and the job description at the beginning.


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