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AUGMENTED WRITING - A New Level of Text Analysis

Feb 25, 2020 10:03:22 AM / by Carlotta Lang

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Augmented reality is what everyone talking about. In times of Smartphones, Smart-TVs & Co. more and more people are looking for ways to expand reality. Augmented Reality refers to "a computer-assisted perception or representation that adds virtual aspects to the real world".


Writing and language - words are more than just words

Writing is one of our daily activities. However, when writing, we often do not notice that we are unconsciously sending messages. Certain words that we use every day have a meaning or a psychological background that is unknown to us. Nevertheless, we often feel subliminal effects of texts. We feel that one text appeals to us more than another. While some convince us, others leave us completely cold.

It is important to know what messages language conveys. But knowing their effect on our counterpart is all the more important. Because if the wrong approach is chosen, it can lead to more than just misunderstandings. In the worst case, it can lead to disinterest, anger or even resistance on the part of the conversation partner.


Targeted language - the success factor

We of 100 words are aware of the importance of targeted language. That's why we've looked into how companies approach potential applicants. To do this, we collected over 32,000 job advertisements and came up with findings worth considering. One of the most astounding findings was that - despite broad social discussion - job advertisements have a strong gender effect, the gender bias.


The results of our study on gender bias

For example, the proportion of female language in tenders for cleaning staff, receptionists and educators is very high, whereas it is significantly lower for senior managers, project and team leaders. All these are examples of how addressing can go wrong. Especially in times of shortage of skilled workers, companies cannot afford to send the wrong message.

Therefore we have created a tool that helps to avoid this problem!


We call it the 100W Augmented Writing Tool.

Augmented Writing CEO Screen


What do we understand by Augmented Writing?

Augmented Writing, also translated "extended writing", is an approach that works with the help of the 100W core. We analyze language by its meaning using machine processes and classify it into our validated psychological feature categories. If the word is found in the dictionary with a matching meaning under a certain category, it is highlighted in colour.

In this way, we make gender bias visible for the first time for the German language and make it possible to specifically balance it out. Furthermore, motives, i.e. the drivers of human actions, can be influenced. In this way, potential applicants can be addressed in a targeted manner. This guarantees that above all those who are actually relevant to the position apply for a vacancy.


What are the benefits of using Augmented Writing?

We developed Augmented Writing to give people the confidence to find the right words. Within our Talent Intelligence we use Augmented Writing to optimize job postings. Studies show that Augmented Writing for English has resulted in 25% more women applying for a job. The reason for this is that they felt more picked up. In addition, the number of - from a motivational point of view - suitable employees was increased by over 20%.

In the War for Talents in particular, subtleties play a role in whether or not people apply to a company. Formulating these subtleties in texts is difficult and has not yet been possible. But with our tool it is possible! We are also proud to be able to make a contribution to equal opportunities.


Where do we see Augmented Writing in the future?

Augmented Writing can be used in many areas of life. We currently use it in three different business areas: HR, Marketing and Customer Support.


100W for Talents

In our 100W for Talents, we use Augmented Writing to formulate job advertisements in a targeted manner and analyse the applicant on the basis of the documents submitted (Competence Monitor).


100W for Brands

In the future, our Augmented Writing Tool will ensure optimized and targeted brand communication within our brand in the area of marketing. Brand messages will be formulated and communicated in such a way that target groups feel better addressed. This ensures greater brand loyalty.


100W for Customer

In the area of customer support, Augmented Writing also ensures a targeted and customer-specific approach within our customer base. Augmented Writing helps customers to objectively assess their emotions and psychology and to respond to them in a customer-oriented manner. In order to guarantee an individual conversation, our tool gives recommendations for action in real time.


Our Augmented Writing Tools are not only able to optimize German texts and provide for target-oriented and more effective formulations. English texts can also be perfected thanks to our further development of our highly intelligent Psychological AI - the core of our Augmented Writing Tools. Our willingness to learn, enthusiasm for further development and innovation is boundless. And so are the possibilities and potentials of Augmented Writing!

Whether Augmented Writing will really be the future of writing, we cannot say. What is certain, however, is that it will make the work of many recruiters easier and play a greater role from day to day in the age of digitalization.


Update Augmented Writing (May 2019)

We are always working on continuous improvements!

We also develop new features to make our products even better. May brings many new features:

  1. Create your job profiles even more precisely - with an extended scale!
  2. Updated Job Profiles
  3. Help for the evaluation of motives - We support you!
  4. Readability feature: Are sentences too complex?
  5. Another readability feature: Get in touch with your future employees - Measure direct speech.
  6. Alphabetical order of all job profiles (even those you create yourself)
  7. Femininity is no longer considered bias, only the "too masculine" formulation.
  8. Positive feedback on your tender
  9. Optimized display: In which tool do you currently work?




Update July 2019

We are always working on improvements!

We also develop new features to make our products even better. In July we had one of the biggest updates at 100W so far!

  1. New design: Our user interface now shines in a new, modern design!
  2. Save possible: Save your texts online now!
  3. How-To Videos: Learn how to use our products best in our tutorials
  4. Formulate texts more precisely and accurately: We have added numerous new categories (authenticity, thinking style, etc.) to our Augmented Writing Tools to make your texts even better




Update (August 2019)

We are always working on improvements!

We also develop new features to make our products even better. Also in August our developers have added some new, helpful and innovative features to our tools! Augmented Writing becomes even smarter!

  1. Noticeably faster loading times: Our Augmented Writers are even faster!
  2. Wordclouds replaced with clear word lists: By clicking on the categories, word lists with the most suitable words for your text are now shown. This makes optimization even easier and more efficient!
  3. New help center: We have added a help center where you can find helpful manuals and how-to videos to help you.
  4. Improved direct word suggestions: Improve your texts even faster and better with our optimized direct word suggestions!





Update (October 2019)

We are constantly working on our products!

Also in October our developers have added some new and helpful features to the new release of our Augmented Writer! This makes our Augmented Writer even more intelligent and our tools gain more power!

  1. Clearer user interface: By rearranging the gender scale the recommendations are more visible.
  2. Capture of motives with the Picture-Story-Exercise possible: A completely new and unique application makes it possible for the first time to capture motives automatically.
  3. Click tutorial for users who use the Augmented Writer for the first time: A tutorial will guide you through the application to get you started with our tool.
  4. Improved and extended profile assistants: If you need help in creating your comparison profiles, our profile wizard now supports you even better.
  5. Language selectable: Simply switch between German and English interface.
  6. Instructions now also in English: The instructions for our tools are now available in two languages.
  7. Recognize word meanings correctly: What is the difference between "ladder" and "leader"? Our analysis now recognizes the correct meaning of words. Try it out right away.



Update (November 2019)

We are always working on updates for our products!

November brings new and practical functions for our Customer Intelligence!

  1. Extension of our Customer Intelligence: Understand your customers even better through our detailed individual analysis.
  2. More accurate comparison statistics: We have further refined our comparison statistics to make analyses even more accurate.
  3. Revision of the English categories: In an elaborate process we have updated the English categories. This makes our analysis more specific and more accurate.

Augmented Writing November Update



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