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September 03, 2021

Improve relationship quality with AI

"Every contact we have with our customers impacts whether they come back or not. We have to be great every time or we will lose them." - Kevin Stirtz 


Retain customers and increase the chances of upselling opportunities. Why do I need to take good care of my customers and be on the same level linguistically as well as textually? 
Clearly, poor communication leads to superficial relationships, dissatisfied customers, and most importantly, fewer customers.

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Improve relationship quality with AI
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Companies have many ways to capture customer data, set up creative campaigns, or launch promotions designed to "keep customers on the ball." Why is the business relationship with customer A flawless, but not with customer B? Why does good communication play a crucial role?

Questions that companies ask themselves, which we answer:

  • How do we improve customer satisfaction?
  • How do we reach more customers?
  • How do we build a relationship that lasts?
1. Answers to the why: the customer relationship is so important.

The main goal of customer retention is to establish existing customers who are loyal to the company or institution. A stable customer base helps in better planning. The advantage of long-term customer retention is obvious: If you manage to turn leads/one-time buyers into regular customers, you are more likely to keep your business in the market. After all, the customer is the key to business success and revenue generation. 





2. Explain automatic data analysis

Some employees know which customers are better to get along with and which are worse or have communication problems. However, this is just a gut feeling. The tool of 100 Words, which can be implemented directly into your e-mail inbox, takes away this "only" gut feeling and visualizes an objective assessment of which customers you get along well or not so well with. By means of an analysis, selected email conversations are analyzed and you get the opportunity to see how good your relationship quality is with each customer. But why is that? Let's take a closer look at a selected contact.











3. Understand your customer relationship with 100W

A great customer experience relies on companies understanding customer expectations and needs and acting accordingly. This allows you to positively influence customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

The 100W analysis shows the user the psychological characteristics of the other person. How does the other person "tick" and how do I "tick" myself, implicitly? This question is quickly clarified thanks to the analysis, because that is exactly what the analysis shows you. You understand who you are dealing with and how you are currently responding to the other person. Is the so-called relationship quality with my customer good, ok or below average? You will find this information and more cleverly packaged in one column. Because recognizing which driver you have yourself and the other person you are speaking with presupposes whether the chemistry is right from the start or not. Adaptation to the customer/prospect is not only decisive in the competition, because where the customer feels most comfortable and is emotionally picked up ultimately influences the purchase decision. But how do we achieve this? 


MicrosoftTeams-image (2) 4. How you can influence the customer relationship with target messages

The AI of 100 Worte shows you how you can shine in personal conversations and improve your texts by means of suggestions and recommendations. Thus, we manage to communicate with all contacts on a confident level and to strengthen the respective bond. It is always about the contact's preferred choice of words and the imitation you produce. Both in face-to-face conversations and in text exchanges. With a good relationship quality, you are proven to achieve up to 25.7% higher closing probability and make the company as well as the customers happier.

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