With 100W, everyone communicates effectively.

You too.

Address your counterpart in their own words.
100W helps you to do this. With psychological AI.

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These experts recommend using psychological aspects in communication:
"No one ever made a decision because of a number. You need a story."

Daniel Kahneman

Psychologist and Nobel Prize winner
"Identify a prospect’s emotional values - Find out what your prospect values and how to emphasize that your product/service honors those values.

Brian Tracy

Sales trainer and bestselling author
"Too much ratio, hardly any emotion and too little sales psychology are issues that need to be addressed regardless of channel."

Andreas Buhr

Erfolgreicher Unternehmer, Redner und Autor

Anyone can communicate effectively.

You too

Effective communication means recognising the needs and motives of your counterpart.

100W prepares you for the perfect discourse.

From texts you get an objective assessment of your counterpart in one click - proven as good as by a psychologist.

Effective communication means understanding the needs and motives of your counterpart.

100W tells you what questions your counterpart has in mind.

In this way, you pick up your counterpart emotionally. Exactly where they make 85% of their decisions.

Effective communication means addressing needs and motives of your counterpart.

100W allows you to address your counterpart in an absolutely personalised way.

Based on insights from neuromarketing and psychology, combined with innovative AI technology.

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100,000 people train in effective communication every year. 100W is the world's first valid digital tool that will lead you to success faster and without any training.

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These were the questions our clients asked before registering:

In which programmes can I use 100W?
You can use 100W's unique technology today in your Outlook and common browser.
On which servers run 100W technology?
We deliberately chose the Open Telekom Cloud - your IaaS from the European public cloud . So you can be sure that your data is protected.  



How reliable are the predictions from 100W?
The statements of 100W are the leading ones for the investigation of implicit motives from language, according to recent independent research by various universities.
How much effort do I have to expect for the integration?
We reduced the integration effort to a minimum. You can register directly and get started. There you will also find the installation instructions for the Outlook add-in.

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