100W for Talent - Webinars

Free webinar to step up your employer branding and create job descriptions that attract exactly the needed  talent.

HR Marketing

Increase the success of your job descriptions and build a strong employer brand with the help of psychological AI.

In order to find your desired employees, applicants must be addressed according to their individual personality. The segmentation of different employer profiles increases the quality of the approach, whereby the image of your employer brand is gradually increased.


  • Increase in job interviews
  • Stronger employer relationships
  • Boost the image of your employer brand

We would be happy to give you exclusive insights into the various possibilities of hr marketing supported by automated speech analysis.

What is a webinar?

Webinars are seminars that only take place online. The event takes place on the Internet using software and does not require a personal presence at a specific location. The word webinar is a combination of the terms web and seminar. It can also be called a webcast, as live communication with the moderator of the respective webinar is possible. Participants can chat with the moderators directly at any time during a webinar and ask questions.

What do you need to participate:

  • Computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Headset (recommended)
  • A stable internet connection