100W for Customers - Webinars

Free webinars to optimize your customer communication and relationships.

Lead generation

Increase your leads and customer appointments with the help of psychological AI.

In order to build stronger customer relationships, customers must be addressed according to their individual personality. The segmentation of different customer profiles increases the quality of the approach, whereby the conversion rate is gradually increased.


  • Increase in customer appointments
  • Stronger customer relationships
  • Boost your lead generation

We would be happy to give you exclusive insights into the various possibilities of lead generation supported by automated speech analysis.


Customer communication

Mimic your counterpart and foster better relations based on suggested text alternatives.

More than 85% of people make decisions unconsciously. Our psychological AI analyzes emails, chats and tickets and uses them to automatically create individual customer profiles. As a result, you can use our tool to achieve more targeted communication with better wording, which will draw your customers' attention to yourself.


  • Stronger customer loyalty
  • Better wording for successful communication
  • High scoring approaches for a more effective CRM

We would be happy to give you exclusive insights into the various possibilities of customer communication supported by automated speech analysis.


Customer profiles

Automated customer segmentation for better negotiation skills and a higher conversion rate.

Every customer draws unconsciously decisions according to his personality. Implicit motives differ from person to person. With our psychological AI, customer segmentation can be created automatically based on individual motives. This allows a more precise and successful sales communication in order to build long-lasting customer relationships.


  • Understand your target group better
  • Automated and precise segmentation
  • Increase your negotiation skills

We would be happy to give you exclusive insights into the various possibilities of customer segmentation supported by automated speech analysis.

What is a webinar?

Webinars are seminars that only take place online. The event takes place on the Internet using software and does not require a personal presence at a specific location. The word webinar is a combination of the terms web and seminar. It can also be called a webcast, as live communication with the moderator of the respective webinar is possible. Participants can chat with the moderators directly at any time during a webinar and ask questions.

What do you need to participate:

  • Computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Headset (recommended)
  • A stable internet connection